1. Who Are The Young Marines?

    Boys and girls ages 8 through High School


    Purpose of the Young Marine Program


    1. To promote the mental, moral, and physical development of its members.


    2. To instill in its members the ideals of honesty, fairness, courage, respect, loyalty, dependability, attention to duty, love of God, and fidelity to our country and its institutions.


    3. To stimulate an interest in, and respect for, academic achievement and the history and traditions of the United States of America.


    4. To promote physical fitness through the conduct of physical activities, including participation in athletic events and close order drill.



    5. To advocate a drug-free lifestyle through a continual drug prevention education program.

    Thanks to Everyone who participated in our 5k. It was a great Success! Next year is 26 Sept.


    If you would like to help sponsor the event, contact Shelley Kaiser at 850-499-0923


    “Kiki” Divisional Award

    "Kiki" Divisional Award











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